Electric Motor Rewinds, Repairs & Overhauls

Electric Motor Rewinds
  • AC motors from fractional kW upwards
  • DC motors from fractional kW upwards
  • Traction motors
  • Servo motors
  • AC Commutator motors (schrage, repulsion type, and others)
  • Brake motors
  • Special voltages and frequencies
  • Additions and modifications (e.g. new or repaired shafts, thermistors, thermostats, heaters, encoders, resolvers, tachogenerators)

An in-house "free-of-charge", or on-site initial inspection and report is issued with estimated price and delivery. We will give a fair appraisal and discuss with the client the best line of action. Sometimes it is less costly to buy a new motor rather than rewind or repair.

Our vehicles collect and deliver.

All customers' motors are tracked and treated with care from the moment they are received to the moment they are delivered.

The vast knowledge and experience of our workshop engineers ensures that we have solutions to the motor problems that customers bring to us.

Certified Parker Distributor Electromechanical-Drives