Parker SSD 590P Integrator Series (2Q or 4Q)

Parker 590P Integrator Series (2Q or 4Q)

The Integrator series is a single family of both AC drives (AC690P) and DC drives (DC590P) that provides the benefits of common programming, set-up and communication across both technologies.

The DC590P Integrator series highly advanced DC drive meets the demands of the most complex motor control applications.

Extensive application software (including winder control as standard) together with Function Block Programming and configurable I/O creates a total drive system in a single module.

  • Extremely simple set-up and programming
  • Removable key pad
  • Extremely compact
  • Motor thermistor input


  • Programmable key pad 6901
  • Technology box for communication (ProfibusDP, Devicenet, CanOpen, LINK, LonWorks, EI Bisynch/RS422/RS485, Modbus RTU)
  • Speed feedback technology box (analogue tachometer, encoder microtach for acrylic F.O., microtach for glass F.O.)
  • EMC Filter- Industrial Ambience
  • Line Reactors for European and North American markets (UL-CSA)
  • Line Inductors for long motor leads

Ratings & Dimensions

Supply Volts (Vac) 3ph Armature Amps (Adc) Frame Dimensions WxHxD mm
220-500V 15 1 200 x 375 x 220
220-500V 35
220-500V 40 2 200 x 546 x 292
220-500V 70
220-500V 110
220-500V 165
220-500V 180 3 250 x 485 x 234
220-500V 270
220-500V 380 4 253 x 700 x 358
220-500V 500
220-500V 725
220-500V 830
220-500V 1580 5 506 x 700 x 358
Certified Parker Distributor Electromechanical-Drives