Quality Statement

Quality Accreditations

The success of City Rewinds & Drives Ltd depends upon our resources, our references and our reputation, which is the reason that quality is central to our company vision.

By implementing and maintaining a strong quality system and culture, we are aiming at the satisfaction of every one of our stakeholders.

The quality system is a base which allows us to reach and exceed all our stakeholders' expectations in a repeatable and predictable way.

Our Quality Objectives

Our Quality Vision is created and maintained to fulfil 3 objectives:

  • Maintaining high quality in our repairs, services, and supply of electric motors, drives and associated products by:

    • Being on time, to specification, and to budget.

    • Delivering products and services that are considered to be competitive and best in market.

    • Establishing and maintaining knowledge of our customer's requirements.

  • Maintaining a high quality relationship with our customers by:

    • Being responsive, responsible, and flexible.

    • Being sincere and maintaining professional ethics.

    • Endeavouring to do our best for our customers.

  • Maintaining a high level of satisfaction for our employees by:

    • Rewarding initiatives and creativity.

    • Offering a good standard of working environment.

    • Offering ongoing training and development opportunities.

    • Setting high quality employee selection criteria.

Certified Parker Distributor Electromechanical-Drives